Liquor Pourers

Who's Got More Balls?...

...We Do!

Why are three balls better than two?

The Hi-Profit-Pour™ features patented 3-ball technology, resulting in the most accurate drip free pourer on the market and is now available at wholesale prices for the first time ever!



These are the exact same high quality 3-ball measured pourers sold elsewhere under a different brand name only here it's priced at wholesale direct savings!


Increase Profits with Hi-Profit-Pour™

Precise Portion Control

Eliminating over pour and spillage can easily save 1/8 oz. per drink poured. Make more money on every bottle poured no matter who is working.

Help Prevent Over Serving

Help protect your business and employees from drunk driving liability claims by keeping better track of how much is served.

Faster Drink Production

The Hi-Profit-Pour™ allows bartenders to pour with one hand and mix with the other meaning more customers can be served during peak hours.

Better Customer Service

When using Hi-Profit-Pour™ measured pours your customers will get consistent good tasting drinks every time no matter which bartender is working.

Solid High Quality Product

Due to the close relationship with our manufacturer we are assured strict quality control and the use of only the highest quality materials available. Our produts are sturdier and provide a lasting, money saving value when compared with lower quality imitators.

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Technical Specifications of the

Available in eight awesome colors, Eleven standard sizes, 12 Metric sizes and Canadian Imperial Oz!

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