Quality Free Pourers

Pourman's High Quality Free Pourers

Why do we manufacture both measured and free pourers?

Free pourers have been used in bars and restaurants selling alcoholic mixed drinks for years. Free flowing pourers are still the gold standard today for many.

The free pourer works just like all the other free pourers you've used in the past. They pour freely until you stop.

Available options on both our free pourers and our Hi-Profit Pour™ measured pourers include flip-top seal to prevent contamination, lock on collar for easier removal, special imprinting and eight awesome colors.

When using our free pourers and/or our Hi-Profit Pour™ measured pourers you can rest easy knowing there is no foreign material used with contamination issues like you may have heard about in the news recently. Not only that, we test all our raw materials to ensure the highest purity.

Our products don't contain any polycarbonates, which are known to leach into food and alcohol. Because no glues or adhesives are used to assemble the pours, you don't have to worry about contaminating food or drink.

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